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Comprehensive General Dental Care

Exquisite General Care

Whether you've been elsewhere or this is your first time, the Ridge Dental Practice ensures dental care is as easy and accessible as a bright day and picnics. We welcome you to a world of unmatched care, excellent service, and hassle-free dental health management.

Quick and Efficient Check-Ins

Spend less time without queues and long paper trails. Our welcoming reception staff are trained and equipped to make your check-in as smooth as possible and without delays. On arrival, we get all your files and records to a resident doctor in no time.

Scale and Polish:

“Keep your smile healthy”

Routine care for all

We make getting your teeth cleaned in ridge dental convenient, fast and kind of fun. Visit us every 6 months for a visit that includes:

  • Dental exam with your dentist
  • Gentle and thorough dental cleaning with your dentist

How the Procedures Work?

  1. We examine your teeth and do a full assessment.
  2. The dental expert in charge advises patients.
  3. The scaling procedure is first done to remove tartar and plaque.
  4. Polishing is the final step to removing stains and smoothening teeth.

Family Dentistry:

From a child's first visit, Parents routine checks and Geriatric dental services, we offer holistic care for everyone and make it a dental home away from home.

Kids are taught the importance of looking after their oral health and adults benefit from having optimal dental care. Happy smiles, Happy Family.

Digital Dentistry and Radiographic Services:

How do we see what you can't?

Why make stone models of your teeth when we can have a digital impression?
Dental radiographs have evolved to give us sharper, clearer and fuller images to enable us make diagnoses and form your treatment plan.

We offer 2D and 3D imaging and Radiographic Services. The plan to transform your smile can start with proper imaging techniques.

Dental Emergency Care:

“Immediate relief for unexpected pain.”

Looking for an emergency dentist in Lagos or Abuja? Ridge Dental offers same-day appointments for new and existing patients.

We understand that dental emergencies can happen anytime, so we have a friendly and active front desk and clinical staff who act promptly while providing urgent dental care.

What should you do in a dental emergency?

Accidents happen unexpectedly and this may cause pain or bleeding. Contacting the Ridge Dental Practice is your first step to restoring care. Our offices are equipped to handle all kinds of emergencies while keeping you comfortable. In the meantime, try the following relief tips:

  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water
  • Avoid chewing with the affected area of your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Emergencies

Whether you are experiencing pain or bleeding some dental emergencies are best identified using a few pointers. Contact Ridge Dental Practice as soon as you experience the following:

  • Bleeding gum.
  • An accident where the teeth are affected.
  • Severe pain where over-the-counter medications are not helping.
  • You suddenly lose one or more teeth.
  • Broken crown and fillings.
  • Swelling and abscesses.

Common symptoms of tooth infection include:

  • Toothache.
  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity.
  • Pain while chewing.
  • Pain in the jawbone.

Not all toothache or dental emergencies end with tooth extraction. Our dentists will thoroughly investigate and diagnose the best treatment, whether it is a root canal, filling or something else.

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